Alameda Botanic Gardens
Escape to the tranquility of the Alameda Botanic Gardens, a lush green oasis located in the heart of Gibraltar. This beautiful park features a diverse range of plant species, charming fountains, and peaceful pathways, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll or a picnic.
Catalan Bay
Nestled on the eastern side of Gibraltar, Catalan Bay is a picturesque fishing village renowned for its colorful houses and scenic beach. Enjoy a relaxing day by the sea, indulge in delicious seafood at the local restaurants, or soak up the charming atmosphere of this quaint Mediterranean gem.


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Geography and Tourist Attractions

Information about the province's tourist attractions, including popular destinations, events, and activities.

The Rock of Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar, located on the southern coast of Spain, is an iconic limestone formation rising majestically above the Mediterranean Sea. With its towering cliffs and stunning panoramic views, it is a natural wonder that captivates visitors. Home to Barbary macaques, it also boasts the impressive Gibraltar Nature Reserve.

St. Michael's Cave

St. Michael's Cave in Spain is a captivating underground marvel nestled within the Rock of Gibraltar. With its intricate stalactite and stalagmite formations, the cave mesmerizes visitors. Beyond its natural beauty, it serves as an enchanting concert venue, showcasing the harmonious blend of nature's wonders and human creativity.

Europa Point

Europa Point, located in Spain's Rock of Gibraltar, offers a captivating blend of natural beauty and cultural significance. Situated at the southernmost tip, it provides breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the meeting point of Europe and Africa. The Trinity Lighthouse stands as a beacon, guiding ships through the strategic Strait of Gibraltar.


Economy and Government

Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory located on the southern coast of Spain, boasts a thriving economy and a unique political system. Its economy is primarily driven by services, particularly finance, tourism, and shipping. The financial sector plays a significant role, with Gibraltar being an important offshore financial center, offering tax advantages and a favorable business environment.

The government of Gibraltar operates under a parliamentary democracy, with a Chief Minister as the head of government. The territory maintains a high degree of autonomy in internal affairs, with the United Kingdom responsible for defense and foreign affairs. Gibraltar has its own legal system based on English common law, providing a stable and reliable framework for businesses.

The government actively promotes tourism as a major economic driver, capitalizing on Gibraltar's rich history, natural beauty, and strategic location. The territory offers an array of attractions, including historical sites like the Moorish Castle and World War II tunnels, as well as outdoor activities such as dolphin watching and rock climbing.

Gibraltar's economy and government work hand in hand to maintain a prosperous and business-friendly environment while preserving its unique cultural heritage and natural assets.


History and Culture

Gibraltar, despite being a British Overseas Territory, has a rich history and culture that intertwines influences from Spain, Britain, and various Mediterranean civilizations. Its strategic location at the entrance of the Mediterranean has made it a coveted territory throughout history.

The territory's history dates back to ancient times, with evidence of Neanderthal presence and subsequent Phoenician and Roman settlements. Gibraltar's prominent landmark, the Rock of Gibraltar, has served as a fortress and lookout point for centuries.

Gibraltar's cultural heritage reflects its diverse past. The mix of Spanish and British influences is evident in its architecture, cuisine, and traditions. The local population is known for their multicultural background and linguistic abilities in English, Spanish, and Llanito, a unique blend of Andalusian Spanish and English.

Gibraltar's cultural events showcase its vibrant community. The National Day on September 10th celebrates its identity and commemorates the referendum that confirmed its desire to remain British. The Gibraltar Music Festival and the Gibraltar International Literary Festival attract artists and intellectuals from around the world.

Overall, Gibraltar's history and culture create a distinct identity, blending Mediterranean and British elements while preserving its unique character as a crossroads of civilizations.


The Rock Hotel

Overlooking the Bay of Gibraltar, The Rock Hotel is a historic landmark that offers luxurious accommodations and stunning views. With its classic elegance, this hotel combines modern comforts with old-world charm.

Sunborn Gibraltar

This unique floating hotel is a luxury yacht permanently moored in Gibraltar's Ocean Village Marina. Sunborn Gibraltar provides a luxurious experience with spacious rooms, gourmet dining options, and a stunning rooftop pool.

Caleta Hotel

Nestled on the eastern side of Gibraltar, the Caleta Hotel offers a peaceful retreat with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. With its comfortable rooms, spa facilities, and proximity to Catalan Bay Beach, it is an ideal choice for relaxation and tranquility.


The Kasbar

Situated in the heart of Gibraltar's Casemates Square, The Kasbar is a popular restaurant known for its diverse menu and vibrant atmosphere. It offers a mix of Mediterranean and international cuisines, along with a wide selection of drinks, making it a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike.

The Landings Restaurant

Located in the Ocean Village Marina, The Landings Restaurant offers exquisite waterfront dining with stunning views of the Rock of Gibraltar. Known for its seafood specialties, it provides an elegant and relaxed setting to enjoy a memorable meal.

The Lounge

Situated at Queensway Quay, The Lounge is a stylish restaurant that offers a fusion of Mediterranean and international flavors. With its contemporary decor, waterfront terrace, and innovative menu, it provides a sophisticated dining experience for guests.