Milk Chocolate Umbrella Pastel colours 35g


Ingredientes: Azúcar, Manteca de cacao, LECHE en polvo, Pasta de cacao, Emulgente (Lecitina de SOJA), Aroma. Cacao: 32% mínimo.

35g umbrellas with pastel-colour designs, made with Simón Coll milk chocolate. They are made with 32% cocoa, following our traditional roasting system of cocoa beans. For those who love the creaminess and the flavour of Simón Coll milk chocolate. Our chocolate is gluten-free, made with natural ingredients and without artificial additives. Ideal for all children to enjoy to the fullest and with the peace of mind for parents that you are giving a quality product to your children. Sales format: 35g umbrellas. This product is ideal to give as a gift at baptisms and communions or for parties to mark the first years of a baby’s life.